10 Best Mobile Dog Groomers in Las Vegas

Mobile Dog Groomers in Las Vegas

Looking for a mobile dog groomer in Las Vegas. Here is a list of mobile dog groomers who work out of vans. These mobile dog groomers know just what it takes to make your dog as happy on the outside as they are on the inside. 

Whether your dog needs a simple straight-or curly hair trim or a full spa day, these mobile groomers are ready to pamper your dog. Take a look at the best mobile dog groomers in Las Vegas; you’re sure to find a groomer who is perfect for your dog.

Mobile Dog Groomers in Las Vegas

1. At Your Door Mobile Pet Grooming

Phone: +1 702-831-2858

Email: atyourdoorlv@gmail.com

Website: https://www.atyourdoorlv.com/

Weight Limit: 100 pounds

Prices: 9 pounds or less – $95

10-20 pounds – $100

21-45 pounds – $110 and up

Long Haircuts – $95

What to expect? Full-service grooming with baths, teeth brushing, nail filing, and a package that includes a conditioner, custom shampoo, haircut, brush out, anal glands, and finishing spray.

Prices are estimates so they can change if you have a senior dog, if there is matting, and if your dog needs extra brushing and drying time.

2. Mobile Dog Wash

Phone: +1 702-472-9983

Email: info@mobiledogwash.dog

Website: https://mobiledogwash.dog/

Specialty:  Large dogs

What to expect? Full-service wash that includes brushing (before and after), full blow dry, 

deodorizing, eye and ear cleaning, flea & tick rinse, and nail trimming. 

Mobile dog wash doesn’t offer shave downs, style cuts, or hair cuts. They also don’t serve dog owners living in apartment complexes or highrise apartments.

3. Galaxy Grooming

Phone: +1 (702) 201-4565

Website: https://www.galaxygroomingnv.com/

What to expect? There are three options: bath, bath & tidy, and full groom. The prices are different for the three services. The prices are also determined by your dog’s size. See the image below.

These prices include ear cleaning and nail trimming and they can vary depending on your dog’s behavior, age, matting, and aggression. 

Galaxy grooming also offers extra services like deshedding and heat oil treatment. Here are the extra services plus the charges.

Sample mobile dog grooming prices

Galaxy groomers DON’T serve Henderson or North, East Las Vegas.

4. A Cruzin’ Clip

Phone: +1 (702) 326-5357

Website: http://www.acruzinclip.com/

Service area: NW Las Vegas | Summerlin | Aliente

What to expect? The basic dog grooming package includes bathing, brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, gland expression (if requested or needed), hand fluff drying, individualized styling, and cologne.  You can also request bandanas or bows for your doggo.

Expect to pay more for matting, heavy undercoat, or a thick coat. See rates on the image below.

Sample mobile grooming prices for dogs
Grooming rates

5. Barks and Bubbles Grooming

Phone: +1 702-586-9600

Email: h9292cd@gmail.com

Website: https://www.barksandbubbleslv.com/

What to expect? Dog grooming, bathing, nail clipping, nail painting, teeth brushing, hair dying, and more. The services are for all dog breeds and sizes. 

6. A Little Big Dog

Phone: 702-735-1769

Email: DogCutr@gmail.com

Website: http://lasvegasmobilegroomer.com/

What to expect? 20 years of experience in dog grooming, nail trimming, hair trimming, and more. Grooming services are for small and big dogs. Prices start at $65.

A Little Big Dog doesn’t serve Henderson or Sunrise Mountain.

7. Barking Dogs

Phone: +1 866-436-4927

Website: https://barking-dogs.com/mobile-grooming/

What to expect? Bath & brush, bath & tidy, and haircut. These three options have different prices depending on the dog’s size. Doodles, huskies, cockers, and standard doodles are charged more. 

There are also premium add-ons like furminator (deshedding), hot oil treatment, and blueberry facial that attract extra charges.

Barking dogs service area includes Las Vegas, Summerlin, Aliante, Southern Highlands, Mountains Edge, Providence, The Lakes, QueensRidge, Lake Las Vegas, Cliff Shadows, and Henderson

8. Whitney’s Pawlished Pets

Phone: +1 702-501-5102

Website: http://pawlishedpetslv.com/

What to expect? Freshwater bath, brushing, full blow dry, eye cleaning, teeth cleaning, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and more

9. Bark Of The Town

Phone: +1 702-481-2214

Website: https://barkofthetownmobilegrooming.com/

What to expect? Brushing, bath, ear & eye cleaning, hand blow dry, nail clipping, teeth brushing, basic de-shedding clip, and haircut, etc

Bark of the town dog grooming prices varies depending on size, temperament, coat type, and breed. Here are some estimates of what you can expect to pay.

  • Teacup and extra small dogs grooming price (Up to 8lbs) – $65
  • Small dog grooming (9 – 25lbs) – $75
  • Mediuml dog grooming (26 – 60lbs) – $85
  • Large dog grooming (61 – 99lbs) – $100+
  • Extra large dog grooming (100lbs and up) – $120+

10. Clean Doggies

Phone: +1 (702) 920-0227

Email: info@cleandoggies.com

Website: http://www.mobilegroominglasvegas.com/

What to expect? Bathing, haircutting, ear & eye cleaning, nail trimming, and de-shedding shampoo. Clean Doggies specialize in grooming dogs of all sizes and shapes.


Do dogs feel better after grooming?

Yes, dogs feel better after grooming. Grooming helps by cleaning the dog’s skin and removing dead skin and odor. Grooming also helps to remove parasites, ticks, and fleas. Dog grooming is especially important for puppies and dogs with long hair and allergies.

How often should dogs get groomed?

Grooming frequency for dogs varies but the average is every 6-8 weeks. Grooming depends on breed, age, coat type, and climate. Long-haired breeds, for example, tend to need grooming more often than dogs with short hair.

Do dog groomers clean ears?

Yes, most dog groomers include ear cleaning in their packages. Most dog groomers clean ears by drying the wax first using a medicated ear powder. The next step is to remove the debris and use an ideal ear cleaner for your pup.


Do you know mobile dog groomers in Las Vegas that are missing from this list? Contact us with the mobile dog groomer’s information like phone number, email address, and website or social page.

Here is a quick recap of the best mobile dog groomers in Las Vegas:

  1. At Your Door Mobile Pet Grooming
  2. Mobile Dog Wash
  3. Galaxy Grooming
  4. A Cruzin’ Clip
  5. Barks and Bubbles Grooming
  6. A Little Big Dog
  7. Barking Dogs
  8. Whitney’s Pawlished Pets
  9. Bark Of The Town
  10. Clean Doggies

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