6 Best Mobile Dog Groomers in Lake Havasu City

Mobile dog groomers in Lake Havasu City

Looking for a mobile dog groomer in Lake Havasu City. Here is a list of mobile dog groomers who work out of vans, these groomers know just what it takes to make your dog as happy on the outside as they are on the inside. 

  • Cyndi’s Grooming
  • DeTails Professional Mobile Pet Grooming
  • Dog’s Day Mobile Grooming
  • Pampered Paws Express
  • Puppies Palace Mobile Grooming
  • Grooming by Jodi

Whether your dog needs a simple straight-or curly hair trim or a full spa day, these mobile dog groomers are ready to pamper your dog. Take a look at the best mobile dog groomers in Lake Havasu City; you’re sure to find a pet groomer who is perfect for your dog.

Mobile Dog Groomers in Lake Havasu City

1. Cyndi’s Grooming

Phone: +1 (805) 794-3647

Email: Cyndisgrooming@gmail.com

Website: https://www.cyndisgrooming.com/

What to expect? Dog wash that includes washing, drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and anal gland expressing. Grooming services like hair cuts and styling.

Cyndi has been grooming dogs for over 35 years. She has groomed dogs from TV shows such as Lassie,  Marlowe (Simon and Simon), and Freeway (Hart to Hart). The business started in Canada before moving to Lake Havasu. 

2. DeTails Professional Mobile Pet Grooming

Phone: +1 (928) 889-1075

Website: https://detailsgrooming.com/

What to expect? Grooming service includes nail trimming, bathing, ear cleaning/plugging, drying, and anals gland expelling.

Details grooming has customized options and add-on services that include hair cutting, dematting, conditioning, hand scissoring, tick removal, and flea eradication.

3. Dog’s Day Mobile Grooming

Phone: +1 928-706-6523

Website/Social Media Page: Facebook

What to expect? Hair cutting, nail trimming, washing, anal gland expressing, and ear cleaning.

4. Pampered Paws Express

Phone: +1 928-302-1764

Website: https://crm.pawfinity.com/express-paws/

What to expect? Cage-free and stress-free grooming for your dog.

5. Puppy Palace Mobile Grooming

Phone: +1 928-453-8792

Email: pphavasu@npgcable.com

Website: http://puppypalacemobile.com/

What to expect? Dog grooming, bathing, nail clipping, hair dying, and more. 

6. Grooming by Jodi

Phone: +1 928-453-8060

Website: https://groomingbyjodiaz.wixsite.com/home

What to expect? Maintenance services are two: bath & brush and bath & tidy which includes tidy face, sanitary, feet, sanitary, nails, and ears. Here are the price estimations.

Bath and Brush Only

  • Small Dog $20.00
  • Medium Dog $30.00
  • Large Dog $40.00

Bath and Tidy

  • Small Dog $30.00
  • Medium Dog $35.00
  • Large Dog $45.00

Grooming by Jodi also has a premium pup package. See the image below.

Here is a list of estimated prices for different breeds.

Sample price list for mobile dog grooming in Lake Havasu City


Do Dogs Feel Better After Grooming?

Yes, dogs feel better after grooming. Grooming helps by cleaning the dog’s skin and removing dead skin and odor. Grooming also helps to remove parasites, ticks, and fleas. Dog grooming is especially important for puppies and dogs with long hair and allergies.

Do Mobile Dog Groomers Use Warm Water?

Yes, mobile dog groomers use warm water to clean dogs. While there is no scientific evidence that warm water is better than cold water, it’s a common practice among mobile dog groomers. The warm water does a better job of loosening up dead hair and getting it out of the coat, and it prevents the dog from feeling too cold.

How Often Should Dogs Get Groomed?

Grooming frequency for dogs varies but the average is every 6-8 weeks. Grooming depends on breed, age, coat type, and climate. Long-haired breeds, for example, tend to need grooming more often than dogs with short hair.

How Do Mobile Dog Groomers Get Water?

Mobile dog groomers operate with vans that have water tanks. The tanks are filled with clean water at the start of the day. The tanks vary in size and some can hold water that can be used to clean up to 5 large dogs or 7 small dogs.

How a grooming van works

Do Dog Groomers Clean Ears?

Yes, most dog groomers include ear cleaning in their packages. Most dog groomers clean the ears by drying the wax first using a medicated ear powder. The next step is to remove the debris and use an ideal ear cleaner for your pup.


Do you know mobile dog groomers in Lake Havasu City that are missing from this list? Contact us with the mobile dog groomer’s information like phone number, email address, and website or social page.

Here is a quick recap of the best mobile dog groomers in Lake Havasu City:

  1. Cyndi’s Grooming
  2. DeTails Professional Mobile Pet Grooming
  3. Dog’s Day Mobile Grooming
  4. Pampered Paws Express
  5. Puppies Palace Mobile Grooming
  6. Grooming by Jodi

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