8 Best Mobile Dog Groomers in Colorado Springs

Mobile Dog Groomers in Colorado Springs

Looking for a mobile dog groomer in Colorado Springs. Here is a list of the best mobile dog groomers who work out of vans. These dog groomers know just what it takes to make your dog as happy on the outside as they are on the inside. 

Whether your dog needs a simple straight-or curly hair trim or a full spa day, these mobile groomers are ready to pamper your dog. Take a look at the best mobile dog groomers in Colorado Springs; you’re sure to find a dog groomer near you who is perfect for your dog.

Mobile Dog Groomers in Colorado Springs

1. Fur and Feathers Pet Grooming

Phone: +1 (719) 591-0134

Website: https://www.furandfeatherspetgrooming.com/

What to expect? Ear cleaning, gland expression, bath, and haircut. Additional dog grooming services include teeth brushing, nail painting and trimming, and specialty shampoo. 

Fur and Feathers prices are determined by hair coat and dog size. Below are estimated dog grooming prices for some of the common breeds they have groomed. 

Sample price list from mobile dog groomers in Colorado Springs
Estimated prices for grooming and bath prices

2.  Lather and Leash

Phone: +1 719-591-2000 nfocooldogspa.com

Website: http://www.latherandleash.com/

What to expect? Dog grooming services include basic bath, pretty-up, full groom, puppy works bath (for puppies 4 months or younger), a La Carte, and creative grooming.

Leather and leash packages offer premium shampoo, nail trimming, Blueberry face wash, ear cleaning, blow-dry, and finishing touches (cologne, bandanas, and bowties).

3. On the Spot Mobile Grooming

Phone: +1 719-470-0330

Email: info@csonthespot.com


What to expect? Bath service includes drying, brushing, nail clipping and filing, sanitary shaving, trimming the hair around ears and paws, and use of selected shampoo and conditioner. 

On the Spot also offers a FURminator package for shedding breeds. The package includes conditioner, shampoo, treatment spray, and thorough brushing.

4. Soggy Doggies Grooming

Phone: +1 719-213-8198

Website: http://www.soggydoggiesgrooming.com/

What to expect? Basic bath and haircut, oatmeal bath, flea shampoo, medicated bath, de-skunking, nail painting, dog hair color, and FURminator deShedding treatment.

Soggy Doggies mobile dog grooming charges are as follows:

  • Minimum service call – $80
  • De-skunking – $50 plus grooming price
  • Flea treatment – $50 plus grooming price
  • Medicated bath – $15

5. Stubby’s Dog Wash

Phone: +1 (719) 434-8451

Website: https://stubbysdogwash.com/

What to expect? Grooming services include nail dremeling and trimming, ear cleaning, conditioner, sanitary trimming, feet pads, trimming, shampoo bath, and anal gland expression.

Stubby’s Dog Wash also has A la Carte Services or Products that include teeth brushing, de-shedding, de-matting, day care stay with grooming or spa package, and many more.

6. Broadmoor Mobile Dog Grooming

Phone: +1 719-355-9995

Email: broadmoormobilegrooming@gmail.com

Website: https://www.broadmoormobilegrooming.com/

What to expect? Full grooming includes hydro-massage bathing, blow dry, ear cleaning, sanitary trim, nail trimming, and final brushing to remove tangles and loose hair.

Broadmoor mobile dog grooming in Falcon, CO prices are based on your dog’s breed and size. There are additional services such as medicated bath, shaving, nail painting, and aloe treatment.

7. 4-Your Paws Only Mobile Grooming

Phone: +1 (719) 237-9012

Website: https://4-yourpawsonly.com/

What to expect? Full spaw grooming includes bathing, blow dry, ear cleaning, sanitary trim, nail trimming, and anal gland expression. Fresh spaw includes bath, blow-dry, and light trimming.

4-Your Paws Only is another mobile dog groomer in Falcon, CO that grooms small to extra large dog breeds. Below are estimated prices.

Price estimate for mobile dog grooming services
Price estimate for mobile dog grooming

8. Paws Peak Mobile Grooming

Phone: +1 (719) 924-6118

Email: info@pawspeakgrooming.com

Website: https://www.pawspeakgrooming.com/

Service areas: Colorado Springs area! Including parts of Peyton, Falcon, Black Forest, & Monument.

What to expect? Full-service bath or full-service groom that includes a warm bath using all-natural moisturizing shampoo & conditioner, blow-dry, nail clipping, ear cleaning, brush out, cologne, facial treatment, and bandana or bows.

Paws Peak Mobile Grooming can accommodate small and medium dogs up to 55lbs. 


Do dogs feel better after grooming?

Yes, dogs feel better after grooming. Grooming helps by cleaning the dog’s skin and removing dead skin and odor. Grooming also helps to remove parasites, ticks, and fleas. Dog grooming is especially important for puppies and dogs with long hair and allergies.

How often should dogs get groomed?

Grooming frequency for dogs varies but the average is every 6-8 weeks. Grooming depends on breed, age, coat type, and climate. Long-haired breeds, for example, tend to need grooming more often than dogs with short hair.

Do dog groomers clean ears?

Yes, most dog groomers include ear cleaning in their packages. Most dog groomers clean dog’s ears by drying the wax first using a medicated ear powder. The next step is to remove the debris and use an ideal ear cleaner for your pup.


Do you know mobile dog groomers in Colorado Springs that are missing from this list? Contact us with the mobile dog groomer’s information like phone number, email address, and website or social page.

Here is a quick recap of the best mobile dog groomers in Colorado Springs:

  1. Fur and Feathers Pet Grooming
  2. Leather and Leash
  3. On the Spot Mobile Grooming
  4. Soggy Doggies Grooming
  5. Stubby’s Dog Wash
  6. Broadmoor Mobile Dog Grooming
  7. 4-Your Paws Only Mobile Grooming
  8. Paws Peak Mobile Grooming

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