31 French Bulldogs Frequently Asked Questions

French Bulldogs Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering a French bulldog as your next pet? Whether you’re just starting to do your research or you’ve already decided that a Frenchie is the right dog for you, there are probably lots of questions swirling around in your head.

This post will answer some of the most common questions about French bulldogs so that you can make an informed decision about whether one is right for your family.

We’ll cover topics including their cost, health concerns, and whether they’re good family dogs. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about French bulldogs.

French Bulldogs Frequently Asked Questions

Are blue French bulldogs rare?

Yes, blue French Bulldogs are considered to be rare. This is because the blue coat color is caused by a dilution gene. When this gene is present, it causes the black pigmentation in the dog’s coat to be diluted to a blue color.

Are brindle French bulldogs more expensive?

Yes, brindle French bulldogs are more expensive. This is because they are rare. They are also in high demand because they are considered to be particularly attractive. 

Breeders who specialize in French bulldogs may charge a premium for brindle puppies since there is often a waiting list for them.

Are French Bulldogs aggressive?

French Bulldogs are not aggressive by nature, but as with all dogs, they can become aggressive if they are not properly trained and socialized. If you are considering adding a French Bulldog to your family, it is important to be prepared to commit to training and socializing your dog from an early age.

Teaching your dog basic obedience commands like sit, stay, come, and down will help them understand what is expected of them and give you a way to redirect their energy if they start acting out.

It is also essential to expose them to as many different people, places, and situations as possible so that they become accustomed to new things and learn how to behave around other animals and people.

Are French Bulldogs easy to train?

Yes, French Bulldogs can be easy to train, but it depends on the individual dog’s personality and disposition. Some dogs are simply more natural “pleasers” than others, and thus may be easier to train overall.

That said, all dogs can be trained with patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. Work on finding a training method that works for both you and your dog, as each partnership is unique.

Are French Bulldogs good house dogs?

Yes, French Bulldogs make great house dogs. They’re affectionate and patient, two qualities that make them excellent companions for kids. They’re also relatively low-energy, so they won’t require a ton of exercise. Just a daily walk or some playtime in the yard should be enough.

Are French bulldogs high maintenance?

Yes, French bulldogs are high maintenance. They require a lot of attention and care, and they can be very expensive to keep. French bulldogs are also prone to health problems, so you need to make sure you are prepared to deal with that.

Are lilac French bulldogs rare?

Yes, lilac French bulldogs are rare. They have a similar gene to the blue coat color, but their coat is a more delicate shade of purple. Breeders who specialize in specialty colors like lilac charge higher prices for these dogs, since they are often in high demand.

Are long-haired French bulldogs purebred?

Yes, long-haired French bulldogs are considered purebred dogs. They are simply a variation of the standard French bulldog breed and share all of the same characteristics and traits as their short-haired counterparts. The AKC doesn’t recognize long-haired French bulldogs as a separate breed.

Can French bulldogs be left alone all day?

No, Frenchies don’t do well when left alone all day. They’re social creatures that need companionship, so they’ll become restless and depressed if they’re left by themselves for too long.

If you work long hours, it’s best to get a dog walker or doggy daycare to make sure your Frenchie gets the attention he needs.

Do French bulldogs do well in Florida?

Yes, French bulldogs do well in Florida as long as they have access to air conditioning. French bulldogs are a relatively heat-sensitive breed and can become uncomfortable in warm weather. As long as they have a cool place to retreat to when the temperature gets too high, they will be fine.

Do French Bulldogs get attached to one person?

Yes, French Bulldogs typically do become attached to one person. This breed is known for being particularly loyal and affectionate, and they often form strong bonds with their owners. They usually prefer spending time with their favorite person and may become somewhat possessive of them.

Do French Bulldogs have a lot of problems?

Yes, French Bulldogs have a lot of health problems. They are prone to respiratory issues, Hip dysplasia, cherry eye, and skin allergies. They also have trouble regulating their body temperature, so they are susceptible to heatstroke. As a result, French Bulldogs need to be monitored closely.

Do French Bulldogs like to cuddle?

Yes, French Bulldogs love to cuddle. They are very affectionate dogs and enjoy spending time with their families. They also like to burrow under blankets and will often curl up next to their humans when they sleep.

Do French Bulldogs like to wear clothes?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, as it depends on the individual French Bulldog’s personality. Some dogs love wearing clothes and will happily strut around in their little outfits, while others may be less thrilled about the experience.

Do French Bulldogs need another dog?

French Bulldogs can do well without another dog, although they are happy when they have a canine companion.

If you’re thinking of getting a French Bulldog, it’s important to consider whether or not you’re able to provide the socialization and attention they need. It’s up to you to decide what’s best for your French Bulldog and your family.

Do French bulldogs need special bowls?

Yes, French bulldogs need special bowls because their facial structure can make it difficult for them to drink from regular bowls.

Their shortened muzzle and upturned nose can cause water to go up their noses instead of into their mouths, so it’s important to use a bowl that is designed specifically for French bulldogs.

Some bowls have a protrusion in the center that helps keep the water away from the dog’s nose, while others are elevated so that the dog has to stretch his neck down further to drink, which also helps keep the water away from the nose.

Do French bulldogs need a special harness?

Yes. French bulldogs are prone to respiratory problems, and so need a harness that will help keep their airways open. There are several types of harnesses that are specifically made for French bulldogs, and it’s important to get one of these if you have a Frenchie.

Some harnesses are designed to go over the dog’s head and around the chest, while others fit more like a seat belt and clip around the waist. Whichever type you choose, be sure to get one that is made specifically for French bulldogs and that is adjustable so you can make sure it fits your dog properly.

Do French Bulldogs need sweaters?

While French Bulldogs don’t technically need sweaters, some dog owners find that they help keep their pups warm in colder weather. A well-fitting sweater or coat can also help protect your Frenchie’s skin from moisture and cold, which may be beneficial if your dog has any allergies or sensitivities.

How long do teacup French bulldogs live?

Teacup French bulldogs can live anywhere from 10 to 15 years, but often have health problems that can shorten their lifespan. Life span is influenced by a number of factors, such as diet, exercise, and other health conditions.

How much are exotic French bulldogs?

On average, an exotic French bulldog will cost anywhere between $1,500 and $8,000. However, there are some breeders who charge upwards of $10,000 for their dogs. If you’re looking for an exotic French bulldog puppy, be prepared to pay a premium price.

How much do AKC French Bulldogs cost?

The price for a French Bulldog can vary depending on their bloodlines, breeder, and location. Generally speaking, AKC-registered French Bulldogs will cost anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000. There are breeders who may charge more than this range depending on the specific dog.

How much do French bulldogs cost in Florida?

Expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $5,500 for a French bulldog in Florida. Adult dogs may be slightly cheaper, while show-quality dogs can cost significantly more.

Do your research and find a reputable breeder who is able to provide a healthy and well-behaved dog at a price that you are comfortable with.

How much do French bulldogs cost in Texas?

If you’re looking for a French bulldog in Texas, you can expect to pay an average price of $6,000. Between the cost of purchasing the dog itself and registered breeders, there is a wide range of prices for Frenchies in the state.

How much do long-haired French bulldogs cost?

Long-haired French Bulldogs typically cost between $13,000-$20,000. The price can be more expensive depending on the breeder and location. Long-haired Frenchies are less common than the traditional short-haired variety, so be prepared to pay a higher price if you’re set on getting one of these pups.

How much do mini French bulldogs cost?

Answer: Mini French Bulldogs can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000, depending on the breeder. Some breeders may charge more for rare colors or patterns.

What colors are acceptable for French bulldogs?

There are currently six accepted colors for French Bulldogs, according to AKC. These are:

  •    White & Brindle
  •    Brindle
  •    White
  •    Fawn & White
  •    Fawn Brindle & White
  •    Fawn
  •    Brindle & White
  •    Cream
  •    White & Fawn

What do most French bulldogs die of?

Many French bulldogs die of cancer. Other common causes of death include respiratory problems and heart disease.

What foods are bad for French bulldogs?

There are a few foods that French bulldogs should avoid, as they can be dangerous to their health. Foods that are high in fat or protein can cause digestive problems in French bulldogs, so it’s best to avoid fatty meats and excessive amounts of protein.

Additionally, dairy products can cause stomach upset in French Bulldogs, so it’s best to avoid them as well. Chocolate is also dangerous for dogs and should be avoided.

Why are French bulldogs banned from airlines?

French bulldogs are banned from airlines because they are considered a health risk. In recent years, there have been several cases of French bulldogs dying during or after flights.

The dogs often die from overheating, as they can’t pant properly due to their brachycephalic face shape. Some airlines have even gone so far as to ban all breeds of brachycephalic dogs, not just French bulldogs.

Why are French bulldogs so expensive?

French bulldogs are expensive due to the high cost of breeding dogs with the desired physical traits. Breeding Frenchies involves artificial insemination (AI) and c-sections, which are costly procedures.

Why are lilac French bulldogs so expensive?

Lilac French bulldogs are so expensive because they are rare. They are one of the exotic colors for French bulldogs, and demand for them is high.

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