13 Best Dog Groomers In Dallas, TX

Dog Groomers in Dallas

Dog groomers in Dallas are a dime a dozen, but finding the right one for your pet can be tricky.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you find the best dog groomers in Dallas for your pup, whether you’re looking for nail clipping or a full-on spa day.

Here is our list of the 13 best dog groomers in Dallas, TX.

  1. Happy Dog Grooming
  2. Ardy’s For Paws
  3. Urban Dogg
  4. Kibble Pet
  5. Downtown Dog
  6. Dogs Rule Resort
  7. Perky Poodle Grooming and Pet Boutique
  8. The Pooch Patio
  9. Lakewood Mobile Pet Grooming
  10. The Velvet Snout Canine Adventure Center
  11. 2nd Family Dogs
  12. Bow Wow Billies
  13.  White Rock Pet Grooming

Let’s at the contact details of each of these groomers plus the services they offer.

13 Best Dog Groomers in Dallas

1. Happy Dog Grooming

Phone: +1 469-600-6835

Email: bocomy2424@gmail.com

Website: https://happy-dog-grooming.business.site/

What to expect? Nail trims, bath, teeth brushing, and fully groomed haircuts. The groomers speak Japanese and Korean in addition to English.

2. Ardy’s  For Paws

Phone: +1 972-931-7224

Website: http://www.ardysforpaws.com/

What to expect? Nail trimming, ear cleaning, checking the anal glands, bath with shampoo tailored to your individual dog with conditioning when appropriate, hair cut, and light trimming of feet, face, and tail.

 Also included is an appropriate amount of scissoring to give your pet a tidy and finished appearance.

Ardy’s For Paws has a weight limit of 40 lbs. They also offer dog boarding and their service areas are Addison, TX, Richardson, TX, and the rest of far North Dallas

3. Urban Dogg

Phone: +1 214-826-3644.

Email: wia99@urbandogg.com

Website: www.urbandogg.com

What to expect? The full-service bath includes bathing and drying, nail paw sani ( belly and back area), face, tail, and ear trim, and a good brush out.

4. Kibble Pet Grooming

Phone: +214-954-7789

Email: info@kibblepet.com

Website: www.kibblepet.com

What to expect? There are three options: the bath, the groom, and the addons. 

The bath includes a wash and blow-dry. The groom includes a bath, blow-dry, and haircut. Addons include Nail Trim & Grind, Toothbrushing, Hair coloring, Brightening facial, Gland expression, Ear cleaning, and Flea & Tick Bath.

Kibble Pet Grooming has a loyalty program where customers earn stars that can be used for free products and services. 

5. Downtown Dog

E-mail: info@downtowndogdallas.com

Phone: + 214-426-1560

Website: http://www.downtowndogdallas.com/

What to expect? Bathing includes two baths, ear cleaning, nail clipping and filing, pads and sanitary area trimming, and blow-drying.

Downtown Dog Dallas grooming prices are based on your dog’s weight, coat type and length, coat and skin conditioning, and haircut style.

6. Dogs Rule Resort

Phone: +972-306 -3647

Email: info@dogsruleresort.com

Website: www.dogsruleresort.com

What to expect? Nail trim/Dremel, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and expression of anal glands.

7. Perky Poodle Grooming and Pet Boutique

Phone: +214-526-3243

Email: front@perkypoodle.com

Website: http://www.perkypoodle.com/

What to expect? Hand scissoring patterns, hair cut in the style of your choice, nail trim, external expression of anal glands, ear-hair removal, ear cleanse, flea and tick maintenance manual teeth brushing, and bath with premium shampoos.

8. The Pooch Patio

Phone: + 214-252-1650

Email: info@thepoochpatio.com

Website: www.thepoochpatio.com

What to expect? Hair cut, nail clipping, fluff drying, ear and eye cleaning, breed-specific hair cuts, anal gland expression short hair cuts, and cleansing shampoo.

9. Park Cities Pet Salon

Phone: +1 214-368-7800 or +888-715-0599

Website: http://parkcitiespetsalon.com

What to expect? Baths with specialty shampoos, premium conditioners, nail clippers, haircuts, ear cleaning, brushing, anal gland expression, Furminator treatment, and nail clipping among others.

10. The Velvet Snout Canine Adventure Center

Phone: +972-807-3647

Email: richardson@thevelvetsnout.com

Website: thevelvetsnout.com

What to expect? Bathing, brush out, nail trimming, specialty cuts, hot oil treatments, blueberry facials, and teeth brushing.

11. 2nd Family Dogs

Phone: +1469-854-6380

Email: info@2ndfamilydogs.com

Website: https://www.2ndfamilydogs.com/

What to expect? There are three grooming packages: Shampooch, Tidy-up, and pampered pooch. 

The packages come with services such as shampoo, blow-dry, massage, nail trim, ear cleaning, bandanna and fragrance, sanitary trim, scissoring feet, shaving paw pads, hair cut, and style.

2nd Family Dogs also offers dog boarding and daycare services in Dallas, Texas.

12. Bow Wow Billies

Phone: +817-800-1005

Email: bowwowbillies@gmail.com

Website: www.bowwowbillies.com

What to expect? Haircuts, baths, and deshedding.

13. White Rock Pet Grooming

Phone: +1 214-400-8405

Website: whiterockpetgrooming.com

What to expect? There are three options: bathing, full grooming, and nail trimming only.

Bathing service includes brushing, bathing, blow-drying, ear cleaning and hair removal, cologne, and anal gland expression. Full grooming service includes all bathing services plus nail trimming and haircut. 

Pricing Estimates for Dog Grooming in Dallas

Dog grooming pricing estimates in Dallas
Full dog grooming price estimates for small to extra larges dogs
Full dog grooming price estimates for poodles or doodles
Dog grooming pricing estimates for poodles

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Dog Groomers Dallas FAQ

How often should my dog go to the groomer?

A good rule of thumb is to groom long-haired dogs at least once every 6 weeks. If you have a short-haired dog, groom him/her every 8 to 12 weeks. A dog who is often brushed and groomed is less likely to have hairballs or hair loss and its coat is more likely to stay soft and sleek.

What does a full dog groom include?

This depends on the dog groomer your choose but most dog groomers include services such as a bath, blow-dry, brush, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression.

Do groomers give dogs sedatives?

No, groomers do not give dogs sedatives. If a dog is acting strangely, a groomer will ask if your dog’s vet has recommended anything to help calm your dog. The groomer will only give your dog a sedative if it’s vet recommended.

Final Thoughts

We hope you can now find a dog groomer in Dallas for your pup. If you live in Dallas and there is a dog groomer near you that is missing from this list, let us know.

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