13 Best Dog Groomers in Colorado Springs

Dog Groomers in Colorado Springs

Are you looking for trusted and reliable Dog Groomers in Colorado Springs? Look no further than our list of the best Dog Groomers in the area! We have compiled a list of some of the best groomers so you can easily find one that will meet your needs. 

  1. Annie’s Pet Salon
  2. Sunrise and Woodmen Kennels
  3. Tailored Tails Grooming Salon and Pet Spa
  4. Camp Bow Wow Colorado Springs
  5. Serenity Paws Pet Stylist.
  6. Wag N’ Wash
  7. Pawcassos Pet Spaw
  8. PetSmart
  9. Furry Friends
  10.  Pride N’ Joy Pet Grooming
  11. Happy Hounds Pet Grooming
  12. The Pet Pawlor
  13. Doggy N Styles

Best Dog Groomers in Colorado Springs

1. Annie’s Pet Salon

Phone:  +1 719-380-9087

Website: https://www.annies-petsalon.com/

What to expect? Services include dog grooming, shampoo and conditioning, gland expression, bathing and styling, summer shave, and tick baths.

Annie’s Pet Salon professional grooming services are for all dog breeds and they have been grooming pets for over 32 years.

2. Sunrise and Woodmen Kennels

Phone:  +719-598-4154

Email: Sunrisewoodmen@gmail.com

Website: https://www.sunrise-woodmenpetcare.com/

What to expect? Each grooming includes a full bath and brush out, nail trim, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning. Additional dog grooming services include nail filing, teeth brushing, flea dips, lice dips, skunk baths, and furminator treatment (reduces shedding).

Sunrise and Woodmen Kennels professional groomers services are for all breeds and they have been grooming pets for over 20 years.

3. Tailored Tails Grooming Salon and Pet Spa

Phone: +719-596-8245

Email: tailoredtailsgrooming@gmail.com

Website: http://tailoredtailsgrooming.com/

What to expect? Dog grooming services include a bath and brush. Neatening of face, feet, and furnishings, and an all-over haircut, breed standard or to your special request.

Tailored tails also offer many spa selections, specialty services, and A La Carte choices once your groom package is selected.

4. Camp Bow Wow Colorado Springs

Phone: +1 719-573-9247

Website: https://www.campbowwow.com/colorado-springs-east/

What to expect? Basic bath, flea shampoo, nail trim, teeth brushing, deshedding, and gland expression. 

Camp Bow Wow dog grooming charges are as follows:

  • Basic bath – starting at $40
  • Full-service grooming – $40
  • Flea shampoo – $20
  • Nail trim – $20
  • Teeth brush – $12
  • De-shed – $25
  • Gland expression – $10

5. Serenity Paws Pet Stylist

Phone: +1 719-487-9105

Email: serenitypawsco@gmail.com

Website: serenitypawspetstylist.com

What to expect? Breed standard cut or cut that is practical for lifestyle, bath with upgraded shampoo, fluff dry, light de-matting if necessary, and nail trim.

Serenity Paws’ full grooming charges are as follows: 

  • Large dogs eg Doodle and Standard Poodles – $95 – $100
  • Medium dog eg Cocker Spaniels, Mini Doodles, and Cocker Poos – $65 – $80
  • Small Dog eg Shih -Tzu, Mini Schnauzer, Lhasa -Apso and Yorkie – $60 -$70

Serenity Paws offers special accommodations which include:

  • Express ( within 2 hours) – $15
  • Pet Taxi ( pick up and/or drop off) – $30 – $50
  • Groomer Assist ( Client will observe and assist groom) – $30
  • Special Handling (certain geriatric or hard-to-handle pets) $10 – $20

6. Wag N’ Wash

Phone: +1 719-457-9274

Email: wnw3006@wagnwash.com

Website: https://wagnwash.com/colorado-springs

What to expect? Dremel and regular nail trim, bath, body trimming, ear cleaning, blow drying, eye cleaning, coat conditioning, and anal gland expression.

7. Pawcassos Pet Spaw Grooming

Phone: +719-392-4092

Website: https://pawcassospetspaw.biz/

What to expect? Full grooming includes bath, blow dry, basic cut, nail trim, ear cleaning/plucking, perfume, and bandana/bows.

Pawcasso’s Pet Spaw can accommodate small dogs up to 20lb and giant breeds up to 81lb and up.

Below are estimated charges for additional services.

  • Nail Buffing – $5
  • Anal Glands – $5
  • Teeth Brushing – $7
  • Blueberry Facial – $5
  • Nail Polish – $10 – $15
  • Photo – $4
  • Extra Trimming (10 minutes) – $10
  • Dematting/Brushing (15 min) – $15
  • De-shed/Furminator (15 min) – $15
  • Conditioning Treatment – $10
  • Flea Treatment – $13
  • De-Skunk Treatment – $15
  • Extra Handling – $5 – $10
  • Calming Drops – $5 

8. PetSmart

Phone: +719-447-0622

Website: http://www.petsmart.com/

What to expect? Grooming services include assessment of your pet’s skin, coat, ears, nails and teeth to address their unique needs, brushing and clipping, relaxing bath, custom drying, and tailored haircuts and finishing touches.

PetSmart also offers A la Carte services and products with estimated prices as shown below:

  • Nail grind and trim – -$19
  • Teeth brushing and breath freshener – $12
  • Anal gland expression – $12
  • Nail polish – $10
  • Ear cleaning services – $12
  • Flea and tick services – starting at $22

9. Furry Friends

Phone: +719-495-7387

Website: http://www.furryfriendsinc.com

What to expect: A salon groom includes a spa bath, and hand scissoring per breed-specific standards ( and/or to the owner’s specifications). Salon groom rates are dependent on breed type and coat condition.

Salon full grooming charges are as follows:

  • Small Breeds $42 – $60
  • Medium Breeds $55 – $70
  • Large Breed $65 – $80
  • Extra Large Breed $75 and up

Salon touch-up services include a spa bath, massage, light facial and foot trim, nail trim, ear trim, brush out, and sanitary trim. The charges are as follows:

  • Small Breeds $25 – $42
  • Medium Breeds $45 – $55
  • Large Breed $50 – $70
  • Extra Large Breed $65 and up

Furry Friends also offers extra spa services as follows:

  • Walk-In Nail Trims: $12-no appointment necessary/Tues-Saturday
  • Teeth Brushing $5
  • Demat $15 & up (per condition)
  • De-Shedding Solution $10-$20
  • Nail Pawlish $5
  • Anal Gland Expression with groom $5
  • Anal Gland Expression walk-in $10

10. Pride N’ Joy Pet Grooming

Phone: +1 719-599-7711

Website: pridenjoypetgrooming.com

What to expect? Haircut, bath and brush, nail trim and filing, pluck and clean ears, anals, hand drying, finish work, and hand scissoring. Pet grooming services vary by size, length of hair, and breed.

Pride N’ Joy also offers additional services priced in addition to the full-service fee as follows: 

  • $5…..Specialty Shampoos – medicated, oatmeal, whitening & luxury
  • $5…..Facial Scrub
  • $5…..Teeth Brushing
  • $10…..Nail Trimming
  • $10…..Toe Nail Painting – a variety of colors available
  • $20….De-shedding
  • $20…..Deep Conditioning & Massage
  • $20…..Flea Bath
  • $20…..Express Grooming

11. Happy Hounds Pet Grooming

Phone: +1 719-593-1012

Email: happy.hounds.cs@gmail.com

Website: https://www.happy-hounds.org/

What to expect? Full grooming, styling, bath and dry, and A’la Carte services. These services are offered from Tuesday to Saturday.

12. The Pet Pawlor

Phone: +1 719-635-8353

Website: https://thepetpawlor.net/

What to expect? Here are the services:

  1. Standard Poodle and Doodle Grooms
  2. St. Poodle/Doodle Face Feet Fanny
  3. Grooming service
  4. Face feet Fanny trim up 
  5. Double Coated breeds Bath 
  6. Short-haired coats
  7. Add-ons e.g. teeth brushing, blueberry facial and oatmeal conditioner, and shampoo.

13. Doggy N’ Styles

Phone: +1 719-725-0291

Website: https://doggynstyles.com/

What to expect? Full groom, full service, bath and tidy, puppy package, nail services, and add-ons like toothbrushing, mud bath skin treatments, and pawdicure.


We hope this list of the best dog groomers in Colorado Springs will help you find the best groomer for your fido. If we have missed any dog groomers in Colorado Springs, let us know in the comments.

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