10 Best Dog Groomers in Brooklyn, NY

Dog Groomers in Brooklyn

Looking for professional dog groomers in Brooklyn? Look no further than this list. This is a compilation of the best dog groomers in the borough, based on reviews and ratings. 

Whether you’re new to the area or just need a refresher, these professionals will have your pup looking and feeling great.

10 Best Dog Groomers in Brooklyn

1. Brooklyn Paw House

Phone: +1 347-240-8207

Email: info@brooklynpawhouse.com

Website: https://brooklynpawhouse.com/

What to expect? Services include:

  • Bath only: bath, blowdry, brushing, and ear cleaning.

            $35-$70 depending on size & coat


             Special Shampoo…..$5 

  • Basic full groom: bath, blowdry, brushing, haircut or shave, paw pad shave/trim sanitary shave, and ear cleaning. Basic Full Groom starting rate -$55.
  • Deluxe spa groom: bath, blowdry, brushing, haircut or shave, paw pad shave/trim sanitary shave, ear cleaning, relaxing spa shampoo, conditioner, nails trimmed and filed, teeth brushing, and anal glands expression. Deluxe Spa Full Groom starting rate -$80.

Grooming rates are based on weight and coat type.

Brooklyn Paws also has A la Carte services and their charges are as follows.

  • Nail trim and file –$15
  • Anal glands – $12
  • Ear wash/pluck – $10
  • Face trim – $10
  • De-shed – $10-20
  • Teeth brushing – $12 
  • Sanitary trim – $10-15
  • Paw trim – $10
  • Poodle feet – $10
  • Dematting – $ depends on severity.

2. Doggie Style Pet Grooming

Phone: +1 212 -380 -1564

Email: DoggieStylesBrooklyn@gmail.com

Website: https://doggiestylesny.com

What to expect? Services include flea baths, medicated baths, hypersensitive oatmeal baths, antistatic conditioning, hand blow dry, blowouts, brush-outs, deshedding, hair styling, poodle styling, mohawks, hand stripping, nail trim/filing, dental care, ear care, and gland expression.

Doggie style pet grooming pricing ranges from $65 to $95 depending on the time involved in grooming and can vary based upon breed, temperament, choice of haircut, and condition of the coat. The prices are not inclusive of the additional services and extra time.

3. Animal Loving Care

Phone: +1 718 -715 -0595

Email: hi@animallovingcare.com

Website: https://animallovingcare.com/grooming/

What to expect? Animal loving care offers the following grooming services with their estimated rates. Price rates depend on size, breed, behavior, and coat thickness.

  • Full grooming (for dogs that need a haircut): Bath & fluff, full haircut based on your specifications, nail clipping, ear cleaning/plucking, sanitary clip, and trimming the hair between paw pads. $75-200.
  •  Bath and basics include bath and fluff, nail clipping, ear cleaning/plucking, sanitary clip, and trimming the hair between paw pads. $45-120.
  • Mini grooming same as bath and basics plus trim around the eyes and paw clean-up. Minus $15-25 from full grooming.

Animal loving care also has A la Carte service as shown below with their price rates.

  • Nail trim – $16
  • Nail trim and filing – $20
  • Ear cleaning – $5
  • Anal gland expression – $10
  • Teeth cleaning – $8
  • Bikini shave/sanitary trim – $10
  • Flea and tick treatment – $5-20

4. Dalila’s Pet Grooming 

Phone: +1 718 -644 -7072

Email: Dalilaspetgrooming@gmail.com

Website: http://doggroomersinqueens.com/

What to expect? Grooming services include nail care, luxury baths, ear cleaning, full trimming, and fur styling.

5. The Diamond Collar

Phone: +1 718 -232 -7387

Email: info@thediamondcollar.com

Website: https://thediamondcollar.com/

What to expect? Style/ cut,  bathing, nail trimming, custom cuts, coat conditioning, ear cleaning, hand drying, hair bows, and flea baths. Diamond Collar grooming services are for all dogs and they have been grooming pets for over 20 years.

6. Brooklyn Pet Spa

Phone: +1 718 -768 -0293

Email: brooklynpetsspa@yahoo.com

Website: https://brooklynpetspa.com/

What to expect? Grooming services include shampoo and conditioning, blow dry/blowout, nail clipping and filing, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, fluff dry and hair cut, and dental inspection.

Grooming prices will vary depending on the coat condition and the pet’s temperament.

7. Carroll Gardens Pet Grooming

Phone: +1-347-599-2522

Email:  shaggiedog121@gmail.com

Website: https://www.gotogroomers.com/

What to expect? Bath, haircuts, and trim-ups.

8. Bark Slope Salon

Phone: +1 718 -246 -4600

Email: info@barkslopesalon.com 

Website: https://barkslopesalon.com/

What to expect? Ear cleaning, nail trimming, anal gland expression, brightening facial scrub, thorough brush using top quality products, eye trim, paw trim, sanitary trim, and hair cut.

9. Bushwick Bark

Phone: +1 718-928-7772

Email: bushwickbark@gmail.com

Website: http://bushwickbark.com/

What to expect? Bushwick bark offers the following services.

Price estimate for Dog grooming services in Brooklyn, NY
Price estimate for dog grooming services

10. Furry Pawz and Clawz Pet Salon

Phone: +1 929 -234 -6500

Email: info@furrypawzandclawz.com

Website: http://FurryPawz.com/

What to expect? Full grooming services for long short hair breeds include bath with pet massage, blow dry, ear cleaning, eye trim/facial trim, scissor tidy pawz, sanitary trim, breed-specific cut fresh scented cologne, and signature bows or bandannas.

Furry Pawz groom prices start at $70 and increase based on the groom size.

Furry Pawz also offers A la Carte services as below with price estimates.

  • Scissor Tidy Pawz (trim in-between pads & nail clipping) $25
  • Polished Clawz $14
  • Nail Clipping $17
  • Brush teeth and breath spray $10
  • Ear cleaning/Plucked if necessary $12
  • Sanitary Trim $10
  • Facial/Eye Trim $17
  • Eye trim $12
  • Tangle-free brushing $14-$25
  • Stripping $15-$30
  • Dematting $7-$12
  • Anal gland expression $12


We hope that you will get the perfect groomer from this list of the best dog groomers in Brooklyn. If there is any other professional dog groomer in Brooklyn that isn’t on this list, let us know.

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